Modern Day In An Exclusive Way

We're all about YOU and your unique style. We love that you're a bold, daring, path blazing, free-spirited individual out to conquer your passions. Our collections are Inspired from the sun bleached rugged shores of San Diego, rolling hills of Bohemia, lush mountains of Nepal, with a dash of modern-day Tokyo. We want to bring you our collection of quality California Hippi T-Shirt's with a mix of Bohemian & Hippi-Chic apparel and other essentials. 
We choose attire with a twist to represent your unique lifestyle as we like to consider it a fusion of West meets East. We aim for a modern, sophisticated, respected, yet unique look to enhance your presence wherever the wind blows you. We hope to inspire a great look for you, your lifestyle, and at the same time spread some California Love across the globe with our Local San Diego Treasures.
Our Mission
Is to provide great looking additions that complement your lifestyle and individual look. We want to give you an awesome experience as our guest. We contribute to various conservation efforts through our sales and donations to support programs that encourage better quality living standards.
Not only does a portion of our individual product donations go toward important causes, a portion of our entire revenue goes toward supporting these causes. That means, when you make a purchase on our site, you are helping those who will benefit the most by helping us pay it forward so we thank you, it's good karma.
Although COVID-19 has been a real challenge for all of us, we're still working hard to do our part for Mother Nature. We hope to find innovative ways to eventually reduce our carbon footprint and provide our small global textile partners with a higher quality of work and living standards. We truly believe in this way of doing business as we should look out for each other and be a part of the solution.
We don't just call ourselves another boutique, we're a movement, and with your awesomeness, we'll make a difference.
 One ❤ Love